Importance of a Vehicle Identification Number


Car odometer
Car odometer

Every car on the planet has a VIN or Vehicle Identification Number. It is a 17-digit number, which, is engraved into a car’s chassis, which provide the car with a unique identification code. It is critical since it is unique to the car, and in comparison to registration codes, it cannot be changed. The car gets it during the production line, and therefore, it is attached to the car, forever. The first section of the number is the identity of the manufacturer and country of manufacturing. The second part provides the description of the vehicle, and the remaining part provides the identification.

Why you should check it

A VIN Number Lookup is the safest way of ascertaining the vehicle’s true identity, and verifying whether the car is a suspect or not. There is a database of the numbers with vehicle registration agencies and car manufacturers. Therefore, they can identify and validate the car with accuracy by simply cross-checking the number. In case you are purchasing a used car, various organizations like provide VIN number checkups. If there are any irregularities, you can be sure there is a problem with the car.

The VIN number will generally be engraved into the vehicle’s chassis, which is usually located within the engine bay or underneath the plastic trim round the opening of the passenger or driver side door. Generally, car manufacturers often engrave the number repeated on other areas of the car. Most of the cars sold in various parts of the UK have a visible VIN, which is present in the bottom part of the windscreen. This permits the police, for instance, to check up quickly and easily identify the car. At time, VIN numbers are also engraved on the number plates, with additional information regarding the car.


When you are purchasing a used car, you should always check up the vehicle identification number. Check out the printed VIN number on the V5 vehicle registration document is an exact match with the number, which has been engraved onto the chassis of the car. Also, make sure it matches the VIN number on other parts of the car where the number has been engraved. While you are buying a used car, the most critical task is to check the VIN number. Additionally, sometimes, manufacturers also use the number to issue car recalls. All in all, VIN numbers are the most critical part of a car and should always be checked while buying a new car or even, a used car.